Hello and welcome to Lang’s Legal. I am happy you have stopped by to visit. I look forward to getting to know you and working for you. Allow me to tell you more about myself.

I grew up in the towns and cities along the Missouri river between Nebraska and Iowa. My parents worked hard trying to provide a life for my siblings and me, working labor intensive jobs and long hours. Unfortunately, during a young age, my parents divorced. My mom worked hard to house, feed, and support my siblings and me. We survived all awhile learning what hard work means.

I started my first job bussing tables at a local buffet. Later, I joined the Army Reserve. I moved from food service to public service. I spent time as a Human Resource Assistant with the Army before I took a position as a Veterans Service Representative with the Department of Veterans Affairs. I later became a Rating Veterans Service Representative and a Supervisor for the Veterans Affairs. Today I continue to serve in the Army reserve with a legal operations unit providing legal assistance to soldiers.

I graduated from an Arizona Law School. During my time in law school I got the opportunity to meet people from New Mexico. With a few visits to the Land of Enchantment, I fell in love. Now I am here to serve the communities of New Mexico.

I look forward to meeting and working with you. Contact me through my “Need Legal Advice” link found on this page.